Updates to Flights

So I told you about the new travel site, as part of HoboLifestyle.com. I also mentioned how I wanted to get better information about all I could, and specifically flights. I've made a few improvements already since then that are worth noting, with thanks to Expedia, Orbitz, and a little Travelocity too.

First, for certain flights you'll start seeing not only direct links to flight information, but the lowest price will be visible before clicking any links at all. I have Expedia to thank for that one.

And second, you'll almost always see a link that links directly to schedules and pricing with no additional clicking around. I say almost because if you enter two cities without airports, then well, there's no flights. Soon I'll tweak even that to try and find the closest airport so it'll work either way, I've already started working on a database of airports and whatnot to get that going.

That second part was made possible by Travelocity and Orbitz, special thanks to Orbitz for being especially helpful and prompt in providing a very easy solution.