On the road... in the air again

The last few days in New York were great, I saw a great show on broadway, Avenue Q, and filled my belly with everything from Spice to Stardust to Shake Shack. New Years Eve was also better than expected. At first we intended on having just a few people over, like 3 or 4... but word got out and a lot more than that came, it was great to see some familiar and not so familiar faces having a good time. Even after everyone left and we were winding down, a new wave of people came so we had some more good times and stamped the night with breakfast at the diner.

Now though, I'm on route to Las Vegas yet again. The first flight, connecting in North Carolina, presured my head to hell. I was mildly sick the past couple days, and ear popping took to a whole new level. My eyes burned, blood vesels felt like they were to pop, but once we landed all I wanted was something nice to sip on to ease my throat. The cute girl at starbucks suggested some kind of tea and didn't charge me for it.

It feels good to be back on route again. When you're traveling anything can happen, now and at your destination. Potential swirls and action is eminent. You also get some of your best thinking done too, right up there with shower thinking. Who knows what Vegas will bring this trip, and especially unknown, who knows what will happen when the weekend is over?


  1. It was JRR Tolkien who said, "Not all who wander are lost."


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