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New Adventure with Marilyn Begins in Memphis and New Orleans

For Marilyn the summer of freedom and new experiences had her longing for more, a particularly cold winter season back at work hit her fro…

Custom Travel Notebook with Hidden Compartment

I got the idea to make a notebook with a hidden compartment for my phone after an experience getting mugged down in Peru. The guys had gon…

Frozen in Time, Writing in Michigan

For years I've been traveling and for just as long people have periodically said, "Are you writing all of this down, you should w…

Chaining Dollar Buses From NYC to Indy

"Sir!", some police officer shouted at me from far down the echoing subway chamber, but I wasn't in the mood. It was an earl…

School Bus Sparks Crossing of Country and into New Year 2014

Beer Camp had done a number on me, it took a couple days more in Chico before I was ready to hit the road. One morning I finally started ho…

Multitool Toothbrush Pen Scissors Corkscrew Bottle Opener Screwdriver

For a while I've had a big burly pocket knife with all sorts of bells and whistles, most of which I didn't use. I was able to atta…

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