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Boise and Reno, Just Before Beer Week

I had a great time gettingtoJackson and skiing a few days, on the final morning I woke up alone in the room. My family had left early for a…

Hitchhiking to Jackson, Part 3: Getting to Jackson and Skiing

I woke up early in Salt Lake on the couch, well rested from the previous day of skiing and drinking, ready to hit the road and get to Jacks…

Hitchhiking to Jackson, Part 2: Vegas to Salt Lake for Drinking and Skiing

After a long trip from New Orleans to Vegas, I was leaving sin city after only 12 hours with a full belly, a few more dollars and a bottle …

Hitchhiking to Jackson, Part 1: Snowstorm between New Orleans and Vegas

The day after recovering from the Supwerbowl madness, I was ready to move on, Jackson Hole Wyoming my basic destination. The coupon website…

Who Dat in New Orleans for the Superbowl?!

I woke up in New Orleans, it was the tuesday before the superbowl and the excitement in the city was palpable and ever present. I wandered …

Hitchhiking to New Orleans

The first of february would be the day I would arrive in New Orleans, but I'd start the day just outside Mobile, Alabama. I'd been …

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