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Boston Lodger

Instead of leaving Boston I ended up getting in touch with Chris, a old friendI haven't seen since high school at least, he's livin…

Bouncing through Boston

In the evening of my first full day in Boston I met up with a couchsurfing host named Mike after wandering around Quincy Market in the rain…

Classic NYC and off to Boston

The past week was spent wandering NYC and late nights every night. Larry came into town, I met him at the Shake Shack with the tenants of t…

NYC Free and Drunk, Philly Dreaming

My final court appearance went as smooth as something like that could go, I'm done with all of it. I capped the morning by getting a ne…

Greyhound as Usual

Greyhound is known for being unreliable and generally sketchy, and my 2-3 day trip did not disappoint. I launched off from Phoenix, leaving…

Finishing Phoenix, NYC Bound

My time in Phoenix was relaxing and rewarding, generally good times. I spent a most weekdays at the construction site with Larry installing…

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