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Despite drained bank accounts with nothing flowing in, I'm set on challenging the road as is, so the first move is to set up a ride out of the city going, as always, anywhere. With commercial travel out of the question, I turned to craigslist rideshare.

I stumbled through the most promising looking listings in search of the free rides (most people ask for gas money, which is reasonable, but I'm broke). I found rides going as far as California and Florida, and while I sent out my emails to inquire, I also found a lot of value in reading through all the listings.

With every listing is a story, travel is always accompanied by an idea, a goal, often passion. People are moving to new cities, following the snow, or just feeling trapped in New York City. I was surprised to read more than a couple rides listed explicitly for the sake of traveling indefinitely, not just rides, but road trips and lifestyle changes, people who want to explore America, with loose plans to settle in California once they've had enough, daring anyone to come along.

When I considered and finally executed the idea of becoming a permanent traveler, I wondered how many out there were doing the same thing. I've met a decent amount and have just recently been discovering that there are thousands of others who've been living it, just started, or are seriously considering experiencing the world first hand.

It excites me to know how much collective experience can be shared, and I also dig the idea that the site I've been building may actually hugely benefit so many people, and the more people who use it, the better it will become for myself and everyone else. To everyone looking to get out there, I say go for it. Family and friends, and even you may have your doubts, my family thinks I should get a job and friends from home often suggest ways to stick around.

There's no amount of doubt that will ever be stronger than the lure of the unknown and the open road. Imagining stories from craigslist posts or reading them in books is great, but it sure doesn't beat living them yourself.


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