Developers Deserve Shake Shack

I've been going strong developing the new version of Hobo Lifestyle the past week, pretty much all the time. It's shaping out to a sort of Facebook/Couchsurfing/Craigslist/Orbitz hybrid, and should make traveling and exploring the world easier, and much more fun. It's exciting to put it all together, and even more exciting to see the traffic growing on the site and people using the travel tools I built.

After all this time spent developing ideas, coding, and designing... I need some Shake Shack. I've been craving a double shack burger for some time now, and it's just been confirmed that their heat lamps are working now too. I've been trying to line it up to go with a few friends, but work stands between them and the beautiful symphony of beef and cheese, so a solo trip may be in order.

I planned to temp this week, but after getting no word from the suits, I've turned to other methods of collecting money needed for the next bill cycle. Selling some old audio gear and a computer gig from a while back should be enough, and in no more than a week I should be exploring a different part of the country again, good times now, good times later.