Don't Blog About Court

This morning I had my day in court for the whole knife thing from Christmas time. The lawyer, the one my parents thought was needed, has advised me not to blog about the details, fearing my postings could interfere with the case. While I think it's pretty ridiculous and disrespectful to infer that writing candidly about events in my life could work against me, I'll suffice to say that for now the only update on this whole ordeal is another court date later in March.

Despite his (the lawyer's) words that there's no need to write about it, I think it is relevant to my Hobo Lifestyle in that it means I'll have to be in New York City again this March. I've been spending a good amount of time around these parts lately, off and on for the past 2 months actually. I dig the scene around here, and it's fun to see advances with Sean playing more bass in his new formed band, the same band where I may play xylophone (damn right). There's also a chance the basement in their apartment building will become a studio/rehearsal space. Plus a new room mate is moving in, things are shaking up nicely.

Despite all of this, I still itch for the road, places as close as Boston and as far as Japan are on my mind. Although I've been in one spot, I've still made lot's of progress with the site, particularly the travel part that anyone can use. Imagine how itchy my itch gets when I'm pouring over the hundreds of ways to travel between thousands of locations.

I plan to stick around another week or two, maybe temping a bit, working on the site some more, and hopefully recording a few songs. After that I'll try to cover some ground and be back in time for court (stop mentioning that!!) in late march.