Not Roots, but Definitely Seeds

I'm in New York, as dictated by my upcoming court date. If you don't know what the court thing is about, then I give you no benefit of a link, you'll have to dig for more info. Anyways, here I am.

I'm thinking about sticking around... in Astoria... for a bit. It's hard to say what will happen, not only by what the wind will do with me, but the judge's decision as well. Ignoring the judge for a moment though, I've thought about staying to temp for a week or three. There are a couple bills to pay that require money, and temping has often provided unique experiences which can prove enjoyable.

Screw all that though, I'm happy to have planted some seeds. I've convinced a good enough portion of the New York etc crowd to join me for a road trip come this summer, right after 4th of July. Specifically-ish Sean, Mark, Carl, Alex, Kelly, Carolina and Sean's camper van will take off for at least a week (hopefully two or more), hitting the road and see what happens.

I'm glad I can influence more people to take on the lifestyle, if only for a fleeting week. I've made myself comfortable, content to ignore creditors asking for their money among other things, driven only by the moment and passion's demands. It's difficult to turn others onto my mindset *fulltime*, but to grab a bit of their time feels good.

Getting my closest friends on the road will be great. Tentative plans include playing music on the road, selling grilled cheese, and seeing long lost friends. If you have an idea better than that, I challenge you to comment on it, and I welcome you to join us.