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I wrote a book

I'll catch up soon

Hey all, haven't posted in a while, I'm way back in Australia as far as my last post is concerned. It's been incredible since …

Cairns Party and Train Tracks - Australian Hitchhiking Loop (Part 6)

I hopped out of Dan's car near the center of Cairns, he'd picked me up in the outback 700 kilometers ago, he was carrying on just …

Out of the Outback - Australian Hitchhiking Loop (Part 5)

I woke up just outside of Alice Springs where I'd camped for the night. I was just off the road down a short hill in the trees, hours e…

Into the Outback - Australian Hitchhiking Loop (Part 4)

I woke up south of Port Augusta, "where the desert meets the sea". It had been a warm night in my sleeping bag, just off the road…

Through Adelaide Towards the Outback - Australian Hitchhiking Loop (Part 3)

Ben dropped me off on the road after having had a great adventure with him and friends the day before when he'd picked me up hitchhikin…

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