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Relaxing in Jackson Hole

The past few weeks have been filled primarily with days hitching rides and camping out along the way, relaxing in Jackson Hole is a luxury …

Thumbing from New Orleans to Wyoming

My first attempt leaving New Orleans was pretty pathetic, no rides in 6 hours, just a lot of walking out of the city limits and sleeping un…

All Good Hitchhiking

I met Heather on the 5th of July, the day after great food and drinks with my my best friends when I caught a train into Connecticut to the…

Nathan's Famous

On the morning of Nathan's hot dog eating contest Mark was nowhere to be found, he hadn't come home the night before. The natural t…

The Eve of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

It's been an incredible year darting across the country meeting all types of people in all types of situations. Tomorrow though, I'… is Ready for All Travelers

I've been putting this site together for over a year, unknowingly in the beginning, to simply make traveling easier for folks with litt…

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