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I wrote a book

Boat Life Begins with Bottles and Sanding (Doree Days - Part 2)

Bottles of booze, chipped paint, cigars and nights on fire - so began my days on the boat.

I'd just arrived on the Doree, a big sailbo…

Arriving on the Boat (Doree Days - Part 1)

The Doree, an 80 foot long steel sailboat floating in the harbor between the Newport Beach peninsula and Balboa Island, my temporary float…

Slipping into the Gorge for Dave Matthews Weekend

Aaron told me Dave at the Gorge was the greatest thing the world had to offer and demanded I sneak in to join the fun, beer included. Fine…

Hiking a Section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington

I took one last look down the river from my position on the interstate bridge in Montana, my friends still jumping, swinging and dropping …

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