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I wrote a book

Post-Vegas Hitchhiking To Arizona and New Mexico

Marilyn and I sat at the bar in Vegas, our new friend finally peeling himself away from the madness and making his way to the airport and …

Sometimes Vegas Won't Let You Leave

Hell, I don't even know if I'm technically allowed in Nevada anymore, but it's hard to say no to a good time.

Anyone who's…

SoCal Wander Hitching Leads to Lake Havasu Magic

Another harvest season was in the books, my pockets were full and more adventures were ahead as always. My next move was to rendezvous wit…

Harvesting Weed, Hops and Emotions

Over the years traveling I've picked up various odd jobs, like helping in breweries or pretending to be a ski instructor, but the most…

Myrtle Beach Parents before Hitching and Flying Away

The last time I'd met her parents was over a year ago preceding our first summer trip together. It hadn't gone well.

Not knowing a…

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