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Picture of the Day - Fire in Sabino Canyon

This was one of the first proper fires I've got going and the first use out of my cooking pot. It was in Sabino Canyon near Tucson, Ari…

Picture of the Day - Jackson Reflections

Jackson Hole, one of the best places on earth. I took this picture the summer I started traveling during a camping trip.
(July 2007)

Picture of the Day - Smooth Hoperator

Good looking beer found by my friend Mark and I in Philadelphia, we were on a great run of trying new beers. I think this one came from the…

Picture of the Day - North Carolina Dog

A dog I met while staying with my friend Jenna in North Carolina. My backpack seemed to sneak it's way in the picture as well.

Birds Eye View of New Zealand - Part 1

This is another great example of what's possible when hitchhiking, the most dynamic form of travel. This story starts off as it should,…

Picture of the Day - Sweet As Bro!

Kiwi Burn! I became friends with the folks in this tent and they took me for the festival. Lot's of fire and wild times.
(February 2011…

Picture of the Day - The Top of New Zealand

This is the most northern point of New Zealand, where the Pacific Ocean crashes into the Tasman Sea. This was about the start of my trip in…

Picture of the Day - Stagecoachella Mobile

For such wild times, this is the only picture I personally snapped off. My friend Molly and I went on a hell of a run for months, a big hig…

Hitching the West Coast of the South Island

I got a good breakfast and shower in before Ned gave me a ride down the drive, over the bridge and to the road again. We picked some fruit …

Picture of the Day - First Big Win in Vegas

First Big Win in Vegas
This was from my very first trip to Las Vegas. I stayed up all night playing craps and winning a ton of money, then …

Picture of the Day - Winning Sip of Whiskey

This is from my first hitchhiking trip where I wasn't hitching alone. Heather and I went from Connecticut to her home in New Orleans. O…

Picture of the Day - Hopping Hitchhikers

After a couple long days of hitchhiking out of Alaska into Canada, my friend Mandie sprung for a motel room. The next day we'd finally …

Picture of the Day - Cross Country Car Carrier Ride

Cross Country Car Carrier Ride
This truck saw me thumbing on the side of the freeway in Pennsylvania and gave me a ride clear to Denver. It…

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