Travel Gear

This is a collection of travel gear that I carry, think is cool, have seen others using or have created myself. You can also read my packing guide to ultralight freestyle travel where I dive deep into travel packing and plenty of this ultralight gear.

Freestyle BivyPack

I'll shamelessly begin with something I designed and make myself. It's a one-pound backpack that transforms into a small bivy-tent. They're now shipping all over the world, go ahead and get one for yourself.

The rest of this gear are things I've used, still use, see others carrying or wish I had myself.

Travel Clothing

Ultralight travel clothing done right, merino rules.
Merino shirt from Icebreaker is nearly a must.

This OR Helium II rain jacket only weighs 6.4oz, half the weight of my old one.
These slightly stretchy shorts are actually pretty awesome.

ExOfficio boxer brief is the travel underwear champ.

Smartwool merino socks. Yes please!

Keen Newports, the everything-shoe I've been wearing for over a decade.

Travel Tech

If there's a lighter tablet/laptop more powerful than the Microsoft Surface Go, I haven't found it.

The lightest USB C wall plug you can get (powers phones and even many laptops)

A great 10,000mAh power bank with USB-A and USB-C

This lens clips on to most phones to give you a wide-angle. Pretty cool!

Anyone making videos on the go with just their phone will dig this compact tripod.

Not everyone needs a foldable bluetooth keyboard, but this one is the best for travelers.

Travel Hygiene

Travel toiletries start with Dr. Bronners.
The ultimate long-lasting versatile travel soap. Get some.

One of the best lightweight travel beard trimmers you can get (I wrote about it here).

Clever USB AA batteries (for your beard trimmer). Get them.

You can do without a towel, but if you can't resist, try this one.

Camping Gear for Travel

Ultralight travel gear centerpiece.
Fairly light, certainly cheap, TETON Sports 20 degree bag.

This shelter's pretty popular, the OR Advanced Bivy.

This inflatable sleeping pad rolls down to the size of a banana. See for yourself.

A staple in everyone's ultralight packing list.
Sawyer Mini, the standard lightweight water filter.

The Osprey Exos 38 may be the best commercial travel pack available.

Not gear, but it's an awesome book that I wrote about beer and hitchhiking!

And now... Hobo Lifestyle swag! From shirts to pint glasses and more, represent the Hobo Lifestyle.

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