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Circle the Country

I left greenville on a greyhound bus towards Ijamsville, MD, a tiny town near Frederick. The bus ride was fairly uneventful except for a 90…

Compilation Video

I pulled some clips together from the past 13 episodes and made a compilation trailer. The song is pretty good too. Here's a direct lin…

Futon Development

Since I made it to Greenville, I've met a few characters here and there, and even helped set up a Scholastic book fair. One guy has a s…

Rounding out a Greyhound Trip

Greyhound is full of interesting stories, some being told and some unfolding right then and there. The deeper south, the better it seemed.


Bakersfield and now Eastbound

I made the bus out of Vegas, and even got to Bakersfield a few minutes early. Kindra, the same couch surfing host from before, came and pic…

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