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In the Mood for a Home Brew

In just a few days I'll be off to my typical antics, hitchhiking across the country more or less towards san diego in casual fashion. T…

Briefly Boston

I got one more good night's sleep at Kayla's place, the next afternoon she dropped me off up the road a little bit aiming towards P…

Through Connecticut to Rhode Island

Just after 2pm I was standing on I-95 with my thumb out, a bit of  a late start, but only 2 hours drive time ahead. My mom dropped me off w…

Bottled Up

I spent a few more days with my brother and various family until it was time for him to fly back to base last sunday, now beer and travel w…

Trip Hopping Year

The past week has been filled with Christmas, New Years and big updates to my site I spent Christmas morning with family i…

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