Goodnight Vegas, the road has called me

This should be my last night in Vegas, I'm high above the strip perched in my free room at the Mirage. I posted on craigslist rideshare requesting a free ride east bound, and actually got a couple phone calls. The first was an older man headed to Louisiana in a couple days transporting horses, sounded pretty golden. The second is the one I'm going with though.

This call came from a trucker headed to Chicago, and that leaves in the morning. I met up and walked around with him today, he'll be taking his time to get there as he gets paid by the day. I've already put in some couchsurfing requests in Chicago, so once there I'll only have to take care of the trip to NYC, giving me over a week to cover 12 hours of road, good times.

My last days in Vegas were mostly in my room working on MoBubble, catching up on sleep, and sneaking out for a comp buffet here and there. Today I tried to make one last run at the crap table, but to no avail. I still have $3 in cash, and some money in my account that was locked up that I couldn't get to, and therefore can't lose/access for a few days which is cool.

A few days on the road will do me good, and the view from the big rig will make it that much sweeter. Happy travels ahead, and don't worry Vegas, we're still cool.