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Start Of The Thailand Adventure

I woke up to a knock on the door that might as well have been Thailand, I'd been dreaming of it and it's where I'd soon be. It…

I'm Hanging Up My Backpack For Good

After half a decade of hauling around North America and a trip around the globe, I'm finally hanging up my backpack. There's been …

Brief Time In Malaysia

On my first morning in Kuala Lumpur I woke up nicely rested, got myself some coffee and spoke with my new friend Vina's mother, the tw…

First Time Hitchhiking in Southeast Asia, Singapore to Malaysia

What was supposed to be my first experience hitchhiking out of Singapore heading to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia became too easy thanks to a busi…

Arriving in Southeast Asia, Singapore First

I touched down in Singapore ready for the third chapter in this particular westbound trip around the globe. New Zealand and Australia had …

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