Third Vegas Trip

It's not the first time I've found myself in Vegas down to my bottom dollar, in fact it's the third time, and I must admit, it's quite charming. Even though this trip has done to my wallet what the two before have, the first few days were at least spent with friends going up and down the strip.

I've managed to get room comps throughout the trip, and have extended a couple more nights here at the Mirage while I figure out what's next. As long as I can make my way to NYC by the 24th of this month, I should be fine. It becomes a little bit harder without funds to say, grab a greyhound if I get stuck, but hitching seems to be the best way to do it at this point.

While having little to no money doesn't make things easier, it makes them more interesting, and in turn makes you richer for going through it. Finally, proof that not getting a job is the quicker path to riches, good times.