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New Zealand's take on 2012

I woke up outside of Blenheim, a morning ready for the road again without a destination in mind, but a direction, West. I got my shower and…

Picture of the Day - Sneaky Burger Flipping

Sneaky Burger Flipping
Flipping burgers with pliers and a CD while tailgating at a Dave Matthews concert in San Diego. I was able to sneak …

Picture of the Day - The First Couch

Figured I'd try something new, post a picture a day from my travels, old and new. I'll tell you what they're about and link to …

Wine Country (plus some beer, mead and horse betting)

A couple on their way to Christchurch dropped me off at the McDonalds in Blenheim, this had become my standard stop throughout New Zealand …

Germans on the Beach and a Hitch back East

Once done with the Heaphy track and hitched into the first little town, I now had Blenheim on my mind, a town in wine country with some goo…

New video up from summer 2008

Finally got this video up, it's from the summer of 2008 hitching from alaska to vancouver.

Walking The Heaphy Track

I stocked up on food at the grocery store and started walking out of town, eager to get to the Heaphy track, an apparently well known hike …

Arriving in the South Island of New Zealand

I said my goodbyes to Ben and Mandy and hiked an hour along the coast to the ferry that was heading for the south island. There was some wa…

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