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Thumbing to Savannah, Unpredictable Lodging and Good Times

I woke up well rested in Northern Virginia, freshly showered, my clothes clean and packed, my mind on the road ahead of me, I could only gu…

Washington DC means Kilkenny at the Dubliner

A four hour bus ride landed me in the middle of DC amidst a light rain. Armed with a fist full of tea bags, I went into a starbucks and got…

A quick trip to Philly

I arrived in Philadelphia at 30th Station via Megabus by night fall, I walked a mile or so down to South street and found the apartment I&#…

Boston, NYC and a missed bus to Toronto

I was off to Boston, the start of my 2,700 miles worth of megabus tickets that I got for a total of 50 cents. It's a bus that's usu…

Shrinking bags and simpler travels

Technology and experience are further breaking down the barriers associated with the life of a permanent traveler, and reducing the weight …

First week of the decade

New Years Eve was a good one, and a week later I'm in Boston. I started the 31st in Connecticut excited for the night to come. After pa…

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