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Hitching through Boise, Salt Lake and Fort Collins to Indiana

After a stint in California it was about time for me to start heading towards Indiana for a lady and a beer festival, but not before havin…

California Cruising

Getting from Phoenix to California only took two rides, one from a concrete worker a few miles and the bulk of it from a guy heading to LA…

Santa Fe Loving, Unknown Murder and Kissing Strangers

Marilyn and I arrived in the Santa Fe by night, returning the rental car she'd driven from Colorado and used to scoop me up an hour ea…

Avoiding God's Gun On Route To Santa Fe

We rode just over the Mississippi river in the early morning across from Memphis where Nick dropped me off and turned back to town. I'…

Slingshot to Indiana and Memphis After Northeast Holidays

Christmas and New Years went as they typically do when I make it the northeast. Family meals and catching up, tasty beer runs with my brot…

Winter Hitchhiking Trip From Vegas to NYC

No longer anchored to the boat, I was on a new path. The idea was to return to the boat, but I somehow knew that it wouldn't work out l…

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