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I wrote a book

Magnets in Salt Lake City

My last minute decision to go to Salt Lake instead of Berkeley lead me to the route 99 on ramp just outside Chico with daylight dwindling. …

California Tripping between Berkeley and Chico

My stay at the Couchsurfing base camp was easy, I spent most of my time tweaking the Trip Hopping site, the rest spent with the friendly fo…

80 Miles in 26 hours, Sacramento to Berkeley

Walter and I woke up in Sacramento unsure of where we may go next, but eventually settled on hitchhiking together towards Berkeley. Aaron a…

Drunk, Punched and Banned from Vegas

Larry dropped me off the very edge of the Phoenix Metro area, I stuck my thumb out and held a sign that read "VEGAS", an hour lat…

Tripping in Phoenix

I came to Phoenix to get my website by back online, Trip Hopping, mission acomplished. Other than that's it's been a typical Phoeni…

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