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Last Aussie Days: Love, Wineries and Breweries

It felt great getting some sleep in a bed after a weeks worth of camping alongside the road on route to where I was now, staying with Brid…

Money's Role in Non-Stop Travel (video)

When people find out I've been traveling for several years they often ask how I can afford to do it. I made this video to explain what …

Darwin to Perth, Final Australian Hitchhiking Trip

After some camping and exploring around Darwin I was ready to get on the road again, my destination now was the west coast of Australia, to…

Places to Sleep While Traveling (Video)

A question I'm frequently asked since I began traveling is where I stay at night, so I decided to make this video to provide some answe…

Five Years of a Hobo Lifestyle

Several dates come to mind when I think of when I began my "Hobo Lifestyle"; when the idea first started spinning in my head, wh…

Successful Hitchhiking Trip

I got to NYC last night after about ten days on the road coming from California. Thanks for checking out the live updates. It was pretty fu…

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