Not so fast, Still in Vegas

I woke up this morning ready to go, showered, checked out of the Mirage, grabbed one last comped breakfast, and waited for the trucker's phone call. Noon rolled around so I called him, spoke with his voicemail, a couple hours later I decided he'd flaked out.

There's still the guy transporting horses to Louisiana who should supposedly show up at some point tomorrow. I spent a good amount of time at Starbucks with my computer, then spent a chunk of the evening at the sports book watching basketball and losing $5 in loose change, but getting a couple free beers.

I find myself now in a random part of the Bellagio I discovered last time where I can sit, plug-in, and hopefully remain undisturbed (so far so good). As far as sleep goes, it might not. The city is always alive, there's few places to hide and nod off. I'm down to nickles and pennies, but I swiped an apple and a banana from the last buffet, so I'll ration those.

If the horse guy doesn't show tomorrow, I'll probably start walking/hitching down US-93, at least deep enough to find a place to pull out the sleeping bag and crash for a bit. For now though it's about trying to stay warm inside which should be easy, but also trying to catch some Z's here and maybe another there.

I'll close out now because I'm now being politely removed from this spot I found, good times.