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Vegas in Between

Going to Vegas on a whim always makes sense, and Kate was a good person to be cruising with. She moves around typically living in a city fo…

Desert Camping and Leaving Utah

The day finally rolled around for the Wild Yogi desert camping trip, we were all pretty excited. Peter, a yoga instructor and a friend of C…

Another Week in Salt Lake City

I've been in Utah for some time now, the days have been all together relaxing. On Saturday, Pi Day (3.14), a group of us went down to t…

Alaska and Canada Photos

I finally put up some photos from the hitch down from Alaska through Canada with Walter and Mandie. Here's some I like, or check out th…

Hikes, Boats, Beer and Hitchhikers in Utah and Arizona

My first few days in Salt Lake City were relaxing, Candice and I schemed about plans for the future. We went to the planetarium one day and…

Hitching from San Diego to Salt Lake with a stop in Vegas

I was thinking of leaving San Diego (good times there)  without a particular destination, just hopping on the road and seeing where my ride…

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