Fly, Drive, Ride or Hitchhike with Hobo Travel

Whether you're flying, busing it, hitchhiking, taking the subway, or whatever - I've got your back. I made an awesome new travel site as part of Hobo Lifestyle. You just enter where you are and where you want to go, and it shows all possible ways to get there, even public transit for short distances. Check it out!

So if you're in CT trying to get to the city, Metro North schedules will pop up, and once you get to the city you can get subway directions too. The site is even formatted for your mobile phone (iPhones, Smart Phones, Blackberrys, etc) so you can get directions on the go. Just go to, that's it. If you're going cross country, you'll see flights, or if you don't have cash like that, a hitchhiking guide for that route and rideshare listings (people driving that way willing to let you come along).

It works by pulling and linking to info from everywhere, and I'm still adding to it. For example, the subway/public transit info is possible because of Hop Stop and Google Transit, driving directions and information is from the Google Map API, there's Chinatown bus info (great for NY <-> Boston and NY <-> Phili by the way), Metro North from Daniel Krook's little mobile app, Greyhound Bus links, Amtrak links, and flights through Travelocity/Orbitz (still seeing which is better), and even links to the Craigslist Rideshare for the relevant city.

Speaking of rideshare, I further built out what I had started so now you can offer and request rides directly on the hobo site, available rides are then shown graphically on the map when people do a search for that ride.

I'm just now *releasing* this, so there's plenty of room for improvement and surely a bug here and there. I'm also trying to get as deeply integrated as possible, so for some means of travel you'll see more info(prices, schedule, etc) than others without clicking too many links. For flights in particular I'm working with Orbitz, Travelocity, and other sources to show the best information possible, instead of a generic link, so you'll see improvements there in the near future.

You'll also notice in some cases you can click "Explore Boston, MA", for example. I've *just* began this so there's not a whole lot to see, although you will see useful links to local hostels, hotels, and a couchsurfing link for now.

There's a lot more planned and underway, including blow-your-mind features like road trip pages and sms hitchhiking. For your comments and suggestions check out the Hobo Lifestyle Facebook Group or the Google Group.

Note: This is what happens if I stay in one spot for too long...