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Travel Advice

Ultralight Packing Hitchhiking Where to sleep Spending and Making Money Using Google Maps to hitchhike Travel gear

Asheville, Augusta and down to Savannah

Hitchhiking to Nashville and Asheville

Bloomington Beer Fest With Marilyn

Hitching through Boise, Salt Lake and Fort Collins to Indiana

California Cruising

Santa Fe Loving, Unknown Murder and Kissing Strangers

Avoiding God's Gun On Route To Santa Fe

Slingshot to Indiana and Memphis After Northeast Holidays

Winter Hitchhiking Trip From Vegas to NYC

The End of The Boat and Banned From Nevada (Doree Days - Part 7)

Back on Board (Doree Days - Part 6)

Needed Break on a Road to Greener Pastures (Doree Days - Part 5)

A Little Lovin' (Doree Days - Part 4)

Tides Begin To Change (Doree Days - Part 3)

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

Boat Life Begins with Bottles and Sanding (Doree Days - Part 2)

Arriving on the Boat (Doree Days - Part 1)

Slipping into the Gorge for Dave Matthews Weekend

Hiking a Section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington

Swinging Through Montana From Bozeman to Bridges

Hiking and Enjoying Jackson Hole

Hitching from Indiana to Jackson Hole, "How 'bout some sex?"

First Time in Bloomington

Another 4th of July Visit to the Northeast

Sparking Summer with California to New York Hitchhiking Adventure

Cruising Around California - Meth, Weed, DMT and Beer

Bender in Oregon

Keg Hunt and Odd Job Cash in Leavenworth, Washington

Fleeting Springtime Love in The Northwest

Free Again and Rocketing Up The West By Thumb

A Few Days in a California Jail

Summary of My Adventure With Bridget, All Stories and Videos

Final Days With Bridget Back in the USA

Last Trip in Baja

Revisiting and Meeting New Baja Friends

A Brief Time in La Paz

Cabo Pulmo Beach Camping

Working Cabo's Timeshare System

Charlie's Chocolates Towards Baja's Bottom

A Stop in Mulege

Falling Further Down Baja

Entering Mexico With Bridget

The Last Of The US Before Mexico

Mystical Arizona

Hitchhiking From New Orleans to Arizona

Dr. Bronners soap is the swiss army knife of hygiene on the road. I can use it as soap and shampoo in the shower, brush my teeth with it, wash my clothes and more. The stuff is magic, check it out and other gear I like to use while traveling.