Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

I'll get back to catching up on my stories this week, but one reason I've been behind (besides some pretty solid travel lately) is my ambition to go to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp.

The camp is two days of learning about brewing, tasting, checking out their brewery and finally, brewing our own beer that will be distributed nationwide in Beer Camp sampler twelve packs. If you're into beer you've probably seen this before at the store.

All we had to do was submit a two minute video, so my buddy and I made two videos, one for each of us, spoofing the best movie of all time, which of course is Dumb & Dumber. Coincidentally, this movie was also one of the major influences that got me to start traveling, although according to the map I think I've only gone about three inches.

Voting goes through the end of this month (September 2013) and people can vote once a day. Vote me in and I'll get better at brewing and better at teaching people to brew which is something I've done a lot while on the road. Better beer for everyone!

Click that link and look for Hop & Hoppier Part 1 - Aaron Futrell, then my video Hop & Hoppier Part 2 - Kenny Flannery. Aaron is cool, but vote for me!

Thanks all, happy travels and brewing, the next story from my boat adventure is coming in the next couple days.