Summary of My Adventure With Bridget, All Stories and Videos

All together I spent four months traveling around with Bridget, a girl I'd met in Australia earlier that year. She flew into Los Angeles in late November 2011 where I picked her up. We had a big adventure, I finally finished writing all the stories and editing two videos together from the trip, one in the US, the other in Mexico.

Below you can see the videos and links to all the stories along the way. To summarize our trip, we starting by hitchhiking up to Northern California, then across the country to be in the Northeast (New York and Connecticut) in time for Christmas and New Years.

We managed to get several free bus tickets and link our way down the east coast via Washington DC, Knoxville, Atlanta and Orlando. We kept hitching from there, all the way down to Key West where we hung out by the docks in hopes of hitching a ride on a boat in a South American direction.

With time and money short (Bridget had an April 1st flight out of LA to catch), we decided instead to hitch by land when no boat popped up right away, although we were just minutes away from going towards Bermuda with one guy.

We made a "Peru" sign and headed up through Florida and west, stopping in New Orleans for a little while. By the time we left New Orleans we dropped our South American goal all together and instead got excited about Baja, Mexico.

We hitched west, passing through the Grand Canyon and other parts of Arizona, then dropped down into Mexico. We spent a month enjoying Baja before popping back into the states for one final week before Bridget caught her flight back home to Australia.

The first video is from our time linking up initially and hitching around the United States:

And the second one, mostly just clips of the Baja scenery:

There's also two photo albums from the trip: In the USA and in Baja.

And all the stories if you care to read more:

Bridget Arrives in America

Hitchhiking Around California With Bridget

Start Of West To East Hitchhiking Trip (Sacramento to Bakersfield)

Amazing James Makes Cross Country Hitchhike Easy

Christmas And New Years With Bridget In The Northeast

NYC To Florida Using Free And Sneaky Buses

Florida's Party House, Manatee and Climbing Trees

The Boat Search In The Florida Keys With Bridget

Some Magic in Miami

Hitchhiking From Miami To New Orleans

New Orleans With Bridget

Hitchhiking From New Orleans to Arizona

Mystical Arizona

The Last of The US Before Mexico

Falling Further Down Baja

A Stop in Mulege

Charlie's Chocolates Towards Baja's Bottom

Working Cabo's Timeshare System

Cabo Pulmo Beach Camping

A Brief Time in La Paz

Revisiting and Meeting New Baja Friends

Last Trip in Baja

Final Days With Bridget Back in the USA

Good times!