A Poem For My Favorite Hobo

This poem was written for me by someone who probably wishes to remain anonymous, I dig it. I linkified some of the references in the poem...

There is a hobo that I know
Not just your average 1.0

He keeps in touch through all his days
Some pics, the net and bubbles the ways

His blog will keep you up to date
On how the week has showed his fate

His map for all who want to see
The things that unfold his destiny

He tries each week a video to post
That's how we watch him coast to coast

He works on sites from travel to slice
And I must admit they're all rather nice

Good times are always rolling his way
That's why sometimes we wish he'd stay

Yet travel round and round he must
Lest he become an old man crust

And for each time our paths may cross
We'll hope that hour will not exhaust

So off he goes our beloved hobo
With the lifestyle he lives at 2.0

Life is his for enjoying and he's set on that
Good Times Great Oldies No Refunds at that!