Christmas Time In The City

Astoria has the same general vibe as it did when I left in July, but the last few weeks in New York have produced a handful of new memories, most notably getting arrested in Grand Central on my way out of the city.

There were a few Wednesday night jams with the exception of Sean's birthday night at Doyles, there we shot an episode of Visibly Drunk. Carolina also made her way back to town, which means plenty of candy and good times. Another trip or two to the Jack Kerouac exhibit, party here and there, plus plenty of great beer and food like burgers at Shake Shack.

Yesterday, the sunday before Christmas, we'd all planned to my family's christmas party in Connecticut. Mark & Sean, Kelly, Carolina and I all made our way to grand central with drinking and cocktail hotdogs on our mind. Somehow we lost Mark and Kelly in the subway, but figured they'd catch up with us. We'd only just went through the turnstile making our way up the Grand Central terminal when I was stopped by two police reaching for my pocket, where they slipped out the knife in my pant leg.

"This is a weapon" they told me. I told them it was under 3 inches and should be fine, expecting them to give it back and let us get on our way. They insisted it was over 3 inches, which apparently it was, but they were suddenly conflicted. We told them we were in a dash to get to the train to see family, and it was clear I wasn't the stabbing type... but here they were holding the knife that would be illegal to give back to me, and would "lose their jobs" to keep themselves and let me go.

We talked about what to do for a bit, they said it would only take a few hours if they did arrest me, either way we'd be missing the party at this point. Eventually they cuffed me and we stood around talking while they filled out some paper work and waited for the police van to arrive. It probably looked ridiculous to the hundreds of people walking by as I stood their cuffed, laughing with the officers and demanding they try the greatness that is the Double Shack burger.

My friends waived goodbye as I rolled away from grand central in the back of the police van, down towards the station near the A-C-E stop on canal street. Once there they checked all my stuff and put me in the cell where I sat for a while, answering paperwork type questions here and again, letting me out to grab my fingerprints and mug shot. It wasn't way too long before they let me out, and I headed back to the trains where Sean and Mark had cigars waiting for me. Sean will take any opportunity to smoke a cigar, and who can complain? (maybe Carolina...)

Mark had to stay back since it was late now, but the four of us left hopped the train and arrived in CT to watch the last few people leaving the party. They say three's company and four's a crowd, so I'd say we had a good time either way. After a good night and a good day, it's christmas eve and a what's probably a great month ahead. I'm already set on heading west just after the new year, but because of the whole knife thing I'll have to be back in NY later in January to appear in court. No worries though, I guess the worst case is I pay a $25 fine, best case they say sorry and give the knife back.