Feelings on Philly

Philadelphia first reminded me a bit of Park Ave in New York while I was on Market Street, but quickly developed it's own feel. The city is screaming with art and design.

South Street in particular has murals on the walls every block you go, and also a fair share of bars, quirky looking shops, and plenty of food. I was told to go to Jim's for my first cheese steak, that was on South Street.

The liberty bell was pretty unimpressive. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the tiny bell in the back room of what looked like an unfinished wing to a school building didn't do anything for me.

The most impressive sight was the view from the steps at the art museum, although I never made my way inside the main building past the $20 fee. There was a free part to the museum I saw, but it was fairly limited.

Next time I go it'll be with some friends, as good food and beers always taste better with someone to share them with. Mark and my friend Jordan both thought about going, but both were stuck in NY with work. My couchsurfing host was also working most of the waking hours I was in town, but I none the less enjoyed exploring on my own.

Anyhow, back in Astoria once again. I look forward to a week I know nothing about.