The City Still Works

The wine store gig didn't work out, they're not busy enough until closer to christmas. My old temp agency in NYC hasn't called with any work (yet). I did get one gig delivering flowers one afternoon in Connecticut, and pick up an envelope full of money tomorrow for that. For that I just had to go to a few flower places and pharmacies in town to pick up all the flowers, and they each had an address on them. I brought my laptop in the car and set up a Google map to plot out all the drop points and pick the best route. That worked out great until the battery died... but I managed to find my way anyhow.

I'm enjoying spending time in Queens in the old apartment, this time as a guest. All my old stuff is there, most of it exactly where I'd last placed it. Mark and Sean are having good times, and I got to check out the new digs for jam nights. They rent out rehearsal space a few blocks away and it's a great spot. Emma, my replacement in the apartment, is rarely around, but also seems to be having good times. I managed to run into two dozen or more familiar faces only within a couple days of being back in town, this week I'll try and see a few more with some beers along the way.

Sometime soon I should be going to Philadelphia for a weekend and Boston for a week before or after that. Mark's on board for the phili trip, assuming he can get off work. I have a couple couchsurfing hosts already setup there, and Boston should be a snap. December should be jam packed with good times.