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New York to Philadelphia

There's a Jack Kerouac exhibit in the New York Public Library for a few more months, I'm glad I was able to check it out a couple times. "On The Road" is on display, the first 60 feet of the scroll he typed it on. Surrounding that is a big room full or journals, notebooks, calendars, poetry, writings, pictures, drawings, and plenty more from Kerouac. I recommend you visit if you're in town.

There was another jam night in the mix, a different flavor than last week. A lot more people showed up, and each set started off all over the place, but eventually everyone would find each other resulting in some pretty solid sounds.

There were a few nights out, including a trip downtown to for thai food and bonzais (sake, plumb wine) followed by some cigars in union square. The cigar smoke brought up the idea of a hookah trip, which brought us back to Astoria for peach flavored smoke, and then we sealed the night with beers back at the apartment.

Now I find myself in Philadelphia after a short chinatown bus trip last night. I first headed to South street for a cheese steak last at Jim's, and then met up with my couchsurfing host, Ariel. This morning I got up and did a lap around the city, seeing a cracked liberty bell, another cheese steak, and an art museum.

There was something about being back in NYC that solidified my excitement for traveling and this whole thing I call Hobo 2.0 Lifestyle. It's amazing how I can be having such a great time, and still bursting at the seams with thoughts of getting on the road again. Philadelphia is doing the trick for me.


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