New Year Ahead

A new year is coming, and along with the new comes thoughts of the past, 2007 was a solid year. I left my job, then my apartment, and took on the life of a traveler. I've met a variety of people, and saw places that I'd only heard about and talked about one day seeing.

What I enjoyed the most was the freshness of it all, in every direction. I'd look back a week, look at the day I was in the midst of, and guess at the day in the next week, and each would be completely unique. I've been in Astoria for about a month now, and while I've still bounced around to Philly and CT a bit, and while I enjoy the familiar faces around here, I'm very much ready to get back on the road.

It's a great feeling to have no idea where you'll be in a couple weeks, and under what circumstances. I tire quickly of waking up to the same ceiling, the same street outside, and expectations comparable to the day before.

New Years Eve will be spent in Astoria as it was last year, but it'll be only a day or three until I move west again. As much as I look forward to moving west, it's good to know that these last few days in Astoria will more than likely be awesome regardless. Here's to good times behind and in front of us, happy new year.