Vegas, I'm Coming For You

I walked a few miles from the girls' place to an I-10 on ramp in Tucson, the skies were a bit gray, rain was a possibility for sure, but didn't seem imminent. This particular on ramp seemed pretty good for hitchhiking, there was a quarter mile service road straightaway headed right for it, giving people plenty of time to see me and decide to stop, and a wide enough shoulder so they could. It took 30 minutes.

Jimmy Graves from Alabama, a man who travels with his work selling AC units picked me up, he even gave me a mystery brown bag of food and drink from the hotel he'd stayed at, so I enjoyed some apples, muffins, and cereal bars on the ride. He dropped me off about an hour or so up the road just outside of Phoenix, and I walked a ways from there. I gave Larry a call, my couchsurfing host, and let him know I was close and he came and picked me up.

It's a cool couchsurfing scene in Phoenix, Larry's hosted plenty of people and has ideas to open a hostel at some point perhaps too. He was also pretty interested in the idea of the travel site I'm building within, so we may put our heads together and create something really awesome. There's another surfer staying here too, Ammiel, who recently became a full-time vagabond like myself. It's cool to hear hitchhiking stories and everything from someone who's actively into it like myself.

Now though, it's time to take on Vegas, again. Larry set me up with some other couchsurfers who can give me a ride into Vegas tonight and back to Phoenix on Sunday. I've already booked my room, which was a comp package at the Excalibur that includes $150 in chips. The plan is to filter those voucher chips through the tables to get some real money, then I can pay a looming bill or two and keep on keeping on.

Should be good times, afterwards I'll see a bit more of Phoenix if I can and then dart across the country best I can to save Mark from doing something stupid, like getting another job in the old NYC.