Ducks in a Row

After one last night of surfing at Micah's place, I was off to couch surf elsewhere in Tucson. I was brought into the home of Kelly, Jess, Eve, and Diane, I'm their very first couchsurfer, at least through

There's a lot of life in this apartment, in addition to all the roommates there's a cage full of rats, a couple mice, and a couple ducks flapping around. Each morning the ducks, Electron and McLovin, kwak in glee while they try to pull my blanket off me in my couchsurfing slumber. I didn't sleep well, but I lived well.

There's been some great drinking nights at the girls' place going into the morning, a lot of movie watching, a couple new beers at a local brewery, lab rats, and even some serious progress on the hobo lifestyle site. As always though, the time has come to move on to the next thing, so tomorrow I'll find myself with my thumb out on the side of I-10, one eye on Phoenix, the other on Vegas, and NYC on my mind.

These are among my favorite times, the pivot points where I turn the corner to a new place and new things, but I can't even see around the corner to know what's coming, just a guess or a hint maybe, a general direction. Tomorrow we'll see which way the wind blows.