Good Beer Night

Mark met me in the city last night for what turned into a great night of trying new beers. We've both had a craving for some tasting lately, so we headed to Under the Volcano to do just that.

The bar tender was exactly what you would want, a cute girl who loved and knew her beers. We started with a turbo dog, and then stepped it up to a delirium. We decided we'd have a kwak and then move to a generic beer after to just cap off the night when our taste buds faded to mild drunkeness.

After the kwak though, the bar tender insisted we keep trying new beers rather than defaulting to a generic beer, and she covered the cost for a chimay blue. She also gave us a small glass to taste the beer she was drinking.

Eventually last call came, the lights went up, and we were drunker than we thought we'd end up. Turns out most of the great beers we were drinking were around 9%, so we stumbled out of the bar towards the subway, laughing at and with people on the street all the way.

We surfed the subway back to Astoria, and the glow of Burger King reminded us of our hunger. It was drive thru only at this point, but we got in line behind the cars in our invisible one. Another guy as drunk as us got in our car, and somehow that plan actually worked, we walked away with a couple burgers that our new drunken friend paid for.

Great way to end the night, and a superbowl today with plenty of people to enjoy it with. This is why I say, and will continue to say, good times.