New Zealand's take on 2012

I woke up outside of Blenheim, a morning ready for the road again without a destination in mind, but a direction, West. I got my shower and laundry in, one last hunt for the chickens secret egg stockpile (no luck once again), and then caught a ride to the road from the girl I was staying with. We made a quick stop at a winery along the way for a tasting before I was on my way.

I walked alongside the road thumbing the passing cars until a girl passed me by, we made eye contact, she flipped a u-turn and waited for me on the other side of the road. She was a skinny blonde girl, probably in her 30's thereabouts, big wide eyes that roamed all about, but sunk in when they did make contact with mine.

"I'm not sure I should pick up hitchhikers, the last time I did it was very very bad, what happened. I felt like I should this time. I've had a very tough life, a rough one. It's been hard on me. My father wasn't good to me, I've had to go through some times.", she said this a high pitched yet mellowed out tone. I explained where I was going, towards Blenheim and south from there to catch the road west, she said she could take me to a good spot just out of Blenheim in the right direction.

"I could tell you were good, our eyes met and I knew I could pick you up. I had to, we have to be good to each other.", she continued on, "Have you ever seen the Celestian Prophecy?", I hadn't heard of it, "It's something you should watch"

"Everything is love. We need to stop killing each other, stop killing animals, just love. We're coming to a time of love". I asked her if the whole planet was getting on board with this though, or if she thought so. She hesitated, "I'm not sure if everyone will get there, but we need as many people as possible. If I love and you love, that's what we can do. I'm with you for such a short time is why I'm telling you so much".

She dropped me at the south edge of town. "Look people in the eyes as they come, put your hands together like this, like you're praying, people will identify with that and pick you up. Just want the right people and they'll come", "Do you need any water or anything?", I was all set, she left me off and headed back to her day.

I caught a ride next from a German guy who was heading to Kaikoura. The closer we got the better the scenary got. The water was a beautiful turquoise color. We stopped once or twice to stretch our legs and take it all in. Closer still we saw the rocks on the beach littered with seals, we stopped to take a look at them as well, just hanging out on the rocks. The little baby ones were gathered in pools formed on the larger rocks, some squirming around on the beach looking for something, probably their mother or a friend, lost.

He dropped me off in Kaikoura where he was off to do some guided whale watching trip. I wandered the main drag of the little town, having a snack on the beach and then heading back to the road. I walked down a little ways overlooking the beaches, eventually catching a ride from another German guy, this one heading to Christchurch to catch a flight back home after having spent some time in the country.

He dropped me off a ways before Christchurch at a turn off to Hamner Springs and the west coast, I'd settled on this as some sort of destination. On the map I'd seen two turn offs towards this town from the east coast, I'd passed up the first northern one since I was enjoying the conversation, and as I'd find out later, the one I did hop out at wasn't the second I'd seen, but just a third rarely travelled turn off in the middle of the two, but this would work out anyhow.

I walked a ways, wide open rolling hills and distant mountains surrounding me. A couple cars passed after a good time, people who looked like they were going just a few more miles to their farms or homes. The third vehicle came rolling up, looking like the last two, but this pickup truck hesitated and pulled off into the shoulder just after passing me.

It was a friendly guy, I explained where I was heading. After a few minutes in the car he said, "Now I'm gonna give you an option here. Hamner Springs is still a ways a way, and at this time of night there's just about no one coming down this road", there was still daylight, but it was coming on 6 or so, "My wife and I have a couple good friends over with their kids, they're flying out to Egypt tomorrow. You're welcome to come and stay the night, have a good feed with us, there's a spare bed you can sleep on. Or I can drop off you just ahead and you can continue on. It's up to you, your choice, but that's the offer."

I gladly accepted the offer, minutes later we came to his turn off and he asked me again, I said I was sure, we made the turn, went over a long narrow bridge and rolled up a small hill into his driveway. I came in and met the couple and his wife, along with the couple's kids. "I picked up a stray!", he laughed, they were all welcoming and I talked with the guy who was on his way to Egypt for a while.

Ned was the name of the guy who picked me up, his wife had just given the egypt bound woman a sort of healing session, this was her trade, involving colors and all sorts of things. She had an intense look about her similar to the girl who'd picked up in the beginning of the day. Funny enough, it soon synced up. She asked me if people had been good to me and imagined they had been, I assured her the world treated me well and I was loving hitchhiking. She seemed to think people were treating each other better these days. I agreed, "It seems people are really coming together these days, a sort of universal understanding", I told her, "at least that's what I've been seeing".

She was focused in on me, "have you ever read the Celestian Prophecy?", she asked me, I smiled, remembering the girl from earlier.

"I haven't, that's funny though, I just heard about for the first time today. The first ride I caught today was from a girl who brought that up". She smiled at Ned, then at me. We talked some more, I mentioned 2012 and things I'd heard as far as people approaching it as a year of understanding, rather than that of the end of the world. They smiled again at this and were reaching in the bookshelves, they passed me one spiral bound book they said I might like to read, saying they knew the author and it was pretty interesting.

We had a big dinner and carried on for a while. Afterwards I started reading through the book. It was all about ancient masters coming to the planet to prepare for humans entry into a new dimension. In fact, it said we'd already entered a new dimension back in the 80's and the biggest change was yet to come. It focused a lot on light, "light is love, love is light", ridding the world of the dark forces, this sort of thing.

Ned and his wife didn't say much about it unless I asked, I read through the whole thing to get the story down. The end game seemed to be living in a harmonious dream like state, that the whole planet was entering into a zone of radiation or light that was altering our DNA, waking it up, ultimately giving us powers and perceptions that the book wouldn't even try to describe since it couldn't fully be understood, but seemed to make things like teleportation and flight obtainable to all, to list a couple examples.

I think teleporting and flying would be fun, so I decided to stay open to the whole idea.

Everyone left in the morning, the one family for Egypt, Ned and his wife to their respective jobs. I hung back at the place, reading some of the different books they'd left out and running around by the river with the little dog. It was a beautiful piece of property - wide open, fruit trees, small mountains in the distance and the small river, although it looked like it could be a pretty big river when there was enough water to extend it so.

The books were all along the same train, some dealing with the masters and the ascension into the new dimension, and another about a particular train of thought. This being that everything that exists is a direct result of your way of thinking. So if someone doubts something, that's really your doubt and if good things are happening it's because that's what you wanted as well, and if your the food you're eating is doing you well, it's because you believe it's so, and if it's not, then it's because you don't think it's good, and so on. One book I read was about a study I'd already heard a great deal about, that being about water being frozen after having certain intentions focused on it. Good intentions, such as love and the like, would result in the frozen water producing beautiful crystal patterns, while emotions like hate would result in less appealing designs, if any.

A big dose of all this, then I got to doodling on a piece of paper in regards to a design I'd long been thinking about, a sleeping bag / jacket / backpack. As I was fooling with this idea Ned and his wife returned one at a time. We sat and talked for a while in the nice evening. Ned introduced me to a beer called the Raddler, and better than that, a Manuka honey whiskey.

We watched some stand up comedy later, and then a video presentation from a guy talking about some of the same things talked about in the books, along the same lines anyways. He got more into the role of world leaders and cover ups and the like, how times were changing and so on.

It was an interesting couple, these two I was staying with. Genuine and into these ideas that I imagine most people would turn away after hearing just a hint of. I was happy to learn a bit more about it all and happy I'd stayed the night, and now the second night. To cap it off there was a great full moon outside that rose ever so perfectly over the mountain for just a moment, just enough to show it's full self before disappearing behind a cloud. It reappeared later lighting up the whole world as bright as anything. I took it all in relaxing in the hot tub after all had gone to sleep, mulling things over. I'd be getting on the road the next day, continuing on to the West coast, there was still much more to see in New Zealand.