Light Load for the Summer Bright

My community service has been taken care of, and a (hopefully) brief appearance in an NYC court on June 12th will put all that behind me, no more mandatory appointments to think about. The next months are filled with great destinations, some unknown, and some excitedly anticipated, like Alaska in late July.

What's better is my pack is slimming at a great rate. Once in NYC I'll be leaving a significant load of junk behind, like my ocean caked phones and camera, and the multitude of accompanying chargers. I've also decided to give up my bulky winter jacket in favor of a simple thermal under shirt, I think I'll have enough layers to equal the jacket warmth, and that'll save me a decent amount of weight and a whole mess of volume in my pack.

I've managed to slim my pack to about 1/3 or a 1/4 of the size I started with and maintain all the functionality and freedom. I can still be thrown in just about any climate or situation without a second thought. From the camping essentials like a water filter, cooking pot, and sleeping bag, to the techie hobo 2.o stuff like a gps phone, laptop, and solar charger. I'm minus a decent camera, but that may be remedied shortly.

I've been doing some interesting work with Larry at a construction site here around Phoenix, and the amount I'm getting paid will stretch a very long way. I've been pretty comfortable with the zero to near-zero dollar amount in my pocket, so anything more than that is all gravy, or in my case incredible beers and a great burger here and there.

Every day feels better than the last, lighter than the last, and that bright future I always saw is now surrounding me. Looking ahead I see something even brighter, too bright to look at sometimes, and my friends seem to have the same type of good vibes running rampant in their lives. It's gonna be one of those summers that injects a lifetime full of life into everyone, good times.