Hitting the Road Tonight

I am ridiculously excited to get back on the road. My pack has been getting teased by my obsessive repacking, but staying on the same spot on the floor in NYC, with the exception of two or three jumps to Philly and Connecticut. Tonight though, I hit the open road in the fashion I love best, without a clue of what the next night will bring. Where on the map I'll be, where I'll be sleeping, who I'll be with, just a vague direction, west, that can be easily swayed given the right winds or persuasion.

I do know a couple things, although they might change. My friend, awesome as always, is picking me up a bus ticket that will get me clear through New Jersey and into State College, PA, which is close by I-80. I may or may not have a couchsurfing pad setup when I get there. Wherever I sleep tonight, the morning will likely have me on I-80 with my thumb out where I'll make my way towards Cleveland. There's still a chance I'll meet up with Karin there, the girl who got in touch about hitching west with me.

After that, west. I have some thoughts in my head for places to go, people to see... Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, Sacramento, San Francisco, Jackson Hole, and more than likely San Diego in the end of May. Those are on my mind, but I don't know what's in the cards. About Las Vegas, if anyone is willing to drive me in and out, I'll pick up the room for as many people can fit in it at the Luxor and we can party a couple nights (weekdays only, some restrictions apply, small print, good times). Let me know!

All my gear is charging, I'm on my final repack/assessment of my junk, and a trip to C-Town for my bread and peanut butter is about to happen. After that and the metro card I'll be down to about 6 or 7 bucks including my loose change, so that should get me out west without any problems. Once I get there, and require beer.... we'll see what happens.