Hobo 2.0 Returns, San Diego to Phoenix

Having little money, buying a new phone seemed unlikely. With a surge of donations and some birthday cash, I was fairly close, yet still 10 shy of the phone I had my eye on. Then I realized my luck with the unexpected bingo game had pushed me over the edge, giving me what I thought would be enough. Off to Verizon I went.

I was able to get the LG Voyager, alas, connected again. So far the phone is everything I need it to be, and even has GPS which I've never had, but a perfect fit for any hobo. I've also noticed myself feeling lighter and feeling like I'm forgetting something when I stand up, I'm finally done with the awkward two phone system I'd been using before.

I met up with Sean and Kelly when they flew into town, we saw a great band called Ryan Hood and got beers at a bar familiar to Kelly. Afterwards I found myself at a post grad party before finally getting back to the couchsurfing spot, stumbling in around 5 or so after getting a bit lost... GPS is only as smart as the drunk who's wondering why the sky is bright at "night".

I spent my last night in San Diego at Kelly's mom's place drinking a mix of beers with Sean, and in the morning I was back on the on ramp with my thumb out after a couple memorial day beers with Sean near the mall. It wasn't long before a car slowed down with a driver telling me to hop in. He wore a collared shirt and claimed to be an seasoned hitchhiker back in the day. He dropped me off just up the road where he thought I'd have better luck.

I waited in this spot for 45 minutes or so before an old man in a pickup got me, his pants covered in paint. He also had the intention of getting me to a better spot rather than taking me a good distance, and shortly later I was standing on the on ramp again along I-8, just down the road there was another hitchhiker headed towards a camp site, at least that's what I figured was his destination. I took a leak in the bushes and looked down the road and he was gone, one of us got lucky.

I stayed there 2, maybe 3 hours, trying different angles and distances up and down the ramp, the cars were getting fewer and further between, I do what I usually do, and started walking down the freeway on the shoulder. Within 2 miles of walking a rusty old white van pulled into the shoulder and I ran to it. Eric pulled open the side door, the woman in the passenger seat introduced herself as Debbie. In the back of the van was a makeshift mattress and a pillow, very comfortable, he lived in the van.

We didn't talk a whole lot, they told me to feel free to sleep, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride, they were going all the way to Phoenix. We stopped a handful of times, mostly at gas stations, but once at a hot spring was cool to see, and finally they left me in Avondale, the part of Phoenix where Larry lives and he came and got me.

In just less than an hour, at 2am, I'm off to work on a project at his, apparently Amm the Vagabond will also be meeting us there. Should be a great time in Phoenix after a perfect trip in San Diego.