Drinking Up San Diego

San Diego has been filled with great nights of drinking and great people. Earlier in the week a party bus was rented as a bachelor/bachelorette event for Aaron and Jessica, and it was awesome. Loaded with beer, liquor, and great people, we cruised around San Diego and over the Coronado bridge drinking and having a great time, eventually landing back at everyone's favorite spot, JTs, where the party continued.

The next day was a needed lazy day, and my birthday landed on the day after that. We were at Dave and Busters midday playing around, then some drinks before heading to the San Diego Brewing Company. Maeve got me the best possible drink, 6 drinks, the beer sampler. Aaron then grabbed me a big glass of my favorite of the 6, Hopnotic, which he himself was not to fond of. We found ourselves at JTs again, and eventually back at Jessica's where the details of my night get hazy, but a general memory of laughter and good times remains.

Thursday we all went to a Padres game at the ballpark, Aaron and I briefly snuck in for closer seats and came pretty close to catching a home run ball. Afterwards we went to the Shout House, a piano bar downtown.

Last night Aaron and Jess dropped me off at a couchsurfer's house. I met Sara, another girls surfing here, and then met Chuy, one of the roommates who lives here. We biked to a pretty great party. It was fairly packed, everyone had a hairstyle, a hat, or an accessory it seemed. Bingo broke out, selling cards for a dollar, I used my last cash dollar to buy a card and actually won the first game getting myself $30.

The party continued until the music stopped and we learned the girl next door got raped at knife point with her child and came screaming up to the party. In no time the streets were lined with police cruisers and a helicopter flying over head. We waited a bit and hopped on the bikes and went home and to sleep.

There's probably only a couple days left here in San Diego, Sean and Kelly flew in last night too. My next stop is likely Phoenix where I may get some work and community service done. I'm also going to make an attempt to replace my phone today with that work in mind. Hobo 2.0 may return shortly, good times.