Escape Philly, Hitchhike With Me

I probably stayed in Philly a night or two longer than I should have. I missed out on a free ride clear to Colorado, and spent almost the last of my money at the Foodery, but did get some great beer out of that trip.

By day I worked on my website, by night I spent time with Heather. I finally escaped to NYC, in hopes of soon finding a ride somewhat out of the city to start hitchhiking towards the west, maybe portland. One girl got in touch with me in response to my craigslist posting interested in hitchhiking with me, we made loose plans to meet up in Cleveland and do I-80 together. I got a similar request from another girl, Lisa, I met up with her today and she picked my brain about hitchhiking and couchsurfing. She can't leave until later in May, so I'll likely pursue the first girl in Cleveland.

Over the next day or three I'll keep banging craigslist and everything else in hopes of finding a ride any distance out of Manhattan, as it's difficult to get a ride off the island before a cop picks you up, or so I gather. If nothing works, I'll take the subway as far as I can and give my thumb and my feet a shot to walk or catch a ride until I can start really thumbing towards Cleveland to meet this girl.

I figure getting rides will be easier with a girl, even though it'll be two of us. Either way, it'll be great to travel with someone like that, living on the road together for a few days or more. It's always been me and myself when I'm hitchhiking or traveling in any way like this, sharing that with someone else will be a trip. Going through periods of not getting rides, and when the moon comes up, it won't be about not getting a ride, it'll just be about having more good times and someone there with it. I dig it, should be an awesome month coming up.