Dancing Girls in NYC and Philly, Again

Heather and I jumped the bus and landed in chinatown where we met Mark and then headed to Brooklyn to see an art gallery, the artist was one of Heather's friends. We had a great time looking at every kind of artwork in the small, yet packed garage space, at the center of which was a naked gogo dancer. You can check out the funny video with the dancer on YouTube (nudity censored).

After the gallery the three of us headed back to Astoria where dozens of bottles of liquor and people waited at the apartment. It was a great night of drinking and laughing, you know it's a good time when you wake up to the sun shine on the roof and other people can't find their pants.

The next morning a few of us lazily made our way to the bagel spot, Heather and I then made our way to a nice spot in central park, not saying much, half asleep. After a little relaxation we woke ourselves up and she convinced me to go back to Philly with her for the night, a couple subway rides and another chinatown bus later we found ourselves at her local bar in Philadelphia before midnight, sipping PBR and chewing on french fries. It was a great day, a great night.

We slept in as late as we could, had a lazy yet interesting day, and before long it was night again and we were in a packed hookah bar. Too packed for my taste, but we wound up in a bar right above where I sipped some beers while Heather got flipped and thrown around on the dance floor.

So "one more night" in Philadelphia will turn into three more tonight, and then back to NYC tomorrow in time to meet my potential ride to Colorado. It should be a good week of relaxing, watching the playoffs, and whatever else decided to happen.