Community Service and a Philly Trip

I made the trip to Connecticut to knock out some of my community service, delivering gift bags all around New Canaan. A trip to Philly sounded like a good idea, I talked to Heather and planned to stay with her a few days and try and knock out some more hours at an animal shelter.

Before I left CT, I decided to go to my dad's place. That was good times, and he loaded me up with an overflowing crate of bottles upon bottles of liquor he was trying to get rid of. I told Mark to meet me at Grand Central where he lost his mind upon discovering why I needed his help with "something heavy", backpacks full of liquor.

We got back to the apartment and unveiled all of it, and I'm sure him and everyone else enjoyed breaking into some of it, but I hopped right back on the subway with only a glass of tequila in me, headed to the chinatown bus on route to Philly.

I was happy to see Heather's beaming face greet me when I arrived, and it's been a great few days of relaxing, good food, and even a couple new beers including Hoptimus Prime. The label was better than the taste, but the experience was tops.

Heather's meeting me after work and we're both jumping on the bus back to NYC where we'll go straight to an art gallery opening with some free drinks, and then back to the apartment to some kind of party involving the dozens of bottles.

I got a bite on craigslist, I'll be meeting someone tuesday night for coffee, she says she's going to Colorado by way of Kentucky and is cool with my lack of cash. I never did get any community service done here in Philadelphia, so I may try and knock it out this coming week before that ride takes off, assuming it goes through. Things are beautiful.