Beer and an Itch to Hitch

The past week has been relatively uneventful in comparison to other weeks in the past year, but none the less brought revelations and good times. It's been spent here in Astoria, NY, if you're not from around here that's Queens - New York City, and it's been spent in the apartment I once I called my own with old roommates and best friends Mark and Sean, and now it also houses Sean's girlfriend Kelly and everyone's good friend, Carl.

While mostly unproductive and stagnant, I've managed to squeeze out a new video, this one from almost a month ago when I camped in Sabino Canyon for 2 nights, that's in Tucson, AZ. One of the main motivations for coming back to the city was to record a slew of songs with Mark and Sean, but we've yet to do that, although Mark just got his guitar back from Guitar Center after they did some work on it, so we'll see what next week brings.

Being so stagnant, I've itched for the road. After posting my video yesterday someone left a comment asking lot's of questions about hitchhiking, the types of questions I get a lot, although I liked some of his questions better because they came from someone hungry to do it, instead of someone thinking I was crazy for doing it. I promised him I'd post a video answering a lot of these questions, so you can look forward to that. I'm certainly no expert, but I would have loved to stumble upon a video like that before I'd gone out there.

I plan to stick around for perhaps 2 more weeks. In that time I'm hoping to record some songs, serve my community service, and officially launch and announce a huge secret project I've been working on. As anyone who's been following me knows, the wind has a better idea of my destinations than I do, but on my mind lately is Portland, Seattle, Denton, somewhere in Florida, Bakersfield, San Diego, and Atlanta. By the way, if you're in the New York / Connecticut area and driving back to school or anywhere else soon and have an empty seat... I'd love to fill it.

On a beer note: I've been drinking a lot of new beers lately, a lot. My top 3 recommendations for you beer drinkers right now (by the way, have a beer tasting at the apartment tomorrow, will post about it) are Dazed and Infused, Ruination (drinking at this moment), and Double Bastard. The first two are very hopped out awesomeness and Double Bastard, brewed by Stone along with Ruination, is hardcore and not for the timid. 10% by volume, barely a beer, greatness.

Happy travels, rock out, and keep enjoying life.