The Weight of My World on My Shoulders

I have literally everything I own on my back. Wow.. that's pretty heavy. I've gotten it on a train ride from Whitefish to Portland, and carried it on probably every street in Portland going every direction.

I actually had someone tell me today that my pack might be able to pass as a carry on... not sure about that myself. I kept a small pack to use for that purpose, and as a day pack for my laptop and whatnot when I'm staying places.

It could stand to lose a few pounds, and there's still some firsts coming up for me and my pack - first flight, first wash cycle, first rain storm (oh i'm prepared, believe me), and probably plenty more surprises. For now I'm enjoying the process and the lifestyle that demanded this pack in the first place.

Some pictures and a new episode are coming soon of course, I'm purposely not posting pictures right away to give Sean a hard time, so I hope he's enjoying that and hears my laughter from 3 timezones behind him. Portland is great, I'll tell you more about it soon. Until then, good times and happy travels.